10 green construction products that will revolutionise Middle East's built environment

Judging panel shortlisted finalists of The Big 5’s GAIA Awards 2016. The winner will be announced on Nov 23, at the Dubai World Trade Center


Dubai, Oct 11, 2016 - On Sept 28, a panel of industry experts with acclaimed credentials carefully shortlisted the finalist companies competing for the Gaia Awards 2016.

Among the over 100 applications received, the judging panel selected ten companies presenting very innovative products that will have a tremendous impact on the Middle East construction sector.

The eight edition of Gaia Awards will take place during The Big 5 2016 at the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) on Nov 23.

This year for the first time ever, shortlisted products will be also voted for by the public through a voting page on The Big 5 2016 website. Voting stations will be available at the DWTC during the first and second day of Middle East’s largest construction event, running from Nov 21 to 24, 2016. 

The overall winner chosen by the Gaia Awards judging panel will receive a prize of USD 50,000 in marketing value.

Since 2008, The Big 5 hosts the Gaia Awards, the industry’s most respected awards honoring those construction equipment and products that have truly integrated the concept of moving towards a more sustainable built environment.




  1. ABLOY EL560L Low Energy Lock by ASSA ABLOY (Prometal Metal Industries LLC)

Assa Abloy’s Low Energy Lock shows a revolutionary innovation in energy efficiency, combining maximum security, integrated functionality and minimal environmental impact for the end user.


  1. Diathonite Evolution by DIASEN SRL

The unique natural qualities of cork are replicated in this revolutionary plaster which creates a high-performance external wall insulation system to protect our buildings.


  1. EcoPower Hybrid Hurricane Ventilator by Synergy United Co

EcoPower Hybrid Hurricane Ventilator uses wind or low electrical energy to ventilate buildings and create optimum IAQ. The product takes advantage of the natural day and night temperature difference, to cool buildings.


  1. Modulo & Elevator Raised Floors by Cobiax Middle East

Modulo & Elevator Raised Floors by Cobiax Middle East is an innovative product that enhances the structural behavior of the slabs and structures while meeting the criteria for sustainable and economic planning of buildings.


  1. OWC - One-Way-Container by INOTEC GmbH

OWC works almost dust free and saves construction personnel from back and breathing problems, improves work efficiency, reduces CO² emission and is 100% recyclable.


  1. Pladur Gypsum board by Yesos Ibéricos

SA Pladur FON+ ceilings range fulfils the highest demands in terms of acoustic conditioning and aesthetic design.


  1. Photovoltaic Glass for Buildings by Onyx Solar Energy SL

Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass turns buildings into clean electricity generators while respecting the structural capabilities of conventional glass.


  1. SageGlass by SageGlass

An electronically tintable, dynamic glass that prevents heat and glare, increases occupants’ comfort, optimizes daylighting, reduces energy consumption while maintaining the view to the outdoor.


  1. solidian GRID by Solidian GmbH

As a non-metallic reinforcement made of glass/carbon fibers, solidian GRID does not corrode and allows to minimize concrete covers to maintenance and remediation-free light-weight structures.


  1. TORO WATT Dual Path – Dedicated Outdoor Air System by JUMBO ENGINEERING LLC

Toro WATT Dual Path Air Handling technology handles sensible and latent heat load individually, bringing a 20% - 40% reduction in size of the Cooling Coil. It also generates a 30% to 50% reduction in recurring power consumption. Toro WATT Dual Path reduces the deployment of refrigerants and uses water for Sensible cooling at 10 Watt/ Tr.


Dr. Alaa K. Ashmawy

Professor of Civil Engineering, Dean of the School of Engineering at AUD

Mario Seneviratne  

Managing Director at Green Technologies


Anwaar Al Shimmari  

Director of Design Department at UAE Ministry of Infrastructure Development

Stephane le Gentil

Chief Executive Officer at Etihad Energy Services Company


Ahmed Bukhash  

Director of Urban Planning at the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority



The Gaia Awards are an excellent platform to identify truly sustainable products in the Middle East”.

- Mario Seneviratne, Managing Director at Green Technologies


Last year’s winner, Basalt Composite Rebar, is an excellent example of how the Gaia Awards promote sustainable products available in the market and support companies that are truly revolutionizing the industry”.

- Ahmad Bukhash, Director of Urban Planning of the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority


“The Gaia Awards go a long way in providing visibility to the issue of environmental sustainability. It encourages building construction companies to think green.  The Awards have gained momentum and stature over the past few years, which pushes local and regional industries to innovate.  Many of the products that won in previous years made breakthroughs into the consumer market”.

- Dr. Alaa K. Ashmawy, Professor of Civil Engineering, Dean of the School of Engineering at the American University in Dubai



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