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1)      Can I use the App offline?

Yes you can. While offline you can scan visitor badges. However, you will only be able to view and export the data if you are NOT connected to the internet.


2)      How can I export the data into excel?

Click on the VIEW LEADS menu at the top of your screen. At the bottom right hand corner click on the excel icon to export or share your leads. Please note that you can only view and export your own leads. However the main contact in your company will be able to export all leads scanned by all users. If you are not sure who your main contact is please email stating your company and show name.


3)      Where can I use the scanner?

You can only use the scanner on your stand. Please do not stand in public areas and scan attendees. This is strictly prohibited.


4)      Can I add additional information to the visitor I have scanned?

Yes you can. Once you have scanned the visitor badge, simply click on the ‘Add More Information’ button at the bottom of the screen. You can enter notes, take a photo, record a voice message, rate the lead and more.



You can also send an email from the App to those visitors who have provided an email address. Click on the email icon located against each contact on the VIEW LEADS page of the App. Please note that pre-registered visitor data will be available immediately to email. Onsite registered data will be available within 24 hours at which point you can send an email.



5)      How long after the show will I be able to login and export my data?

The App will remain live for one month post show for you to export your data and analysis. 


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