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Sarah Wiseman

Dr. Daniel Cozak

(Ph.D. Chemistry, Canada)

Dr. Daniel Cozak (Ph.D. Chemistry, Canada) is a Senior Chemical Consultant with over 25 years of in depth industrial experience within the oil, gas and petrochemical companies. His expertise spans in the areas of analytical chemistry, catalyst technology, polymer and polymerisation, laboratory management, data and method validation, uncertainty measurement, laboratory quality assurance and control (ISO/IEC 17025), process engineering, rheology and sonochemistry, environmental and waste management. He is currently chief scientific officer for polymer-composite development at Kurodo Tek Inc., a start-up company in the field of mechanical engineering and surface material removal applications.

Next to a well-regarded professor at Laval University (Quebec City, Canada), Dr. Cozak has occupied significant positions with different international companies. He worked as the Analytical Division Manager at Groupe Sodex and as Industrial Process (environment) Consultant for TRI. He has also rendered valuable consulting work for the government and private companies such as Roche Ltd., Veolia and Onyx. As research assistant in Germany, he worked on Titanium metallocenes.  He has managed several start-up companies in R&D and analytical laboratories, technology transfer and product development.

Dr. Cozak has a Ph.D. degree in Organometallic and Spectroscopic Chemistry from McGill University (Montreal, Canada), and has also been distinguished with a postdoctoral fellowship (DAAD) from the Munich Technical University, Germany.

He has also been member of the American Chemical Society (ACS), Canadian Institute of Chemistry (CIC), New York Academy of Sciences and the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineers.