E&P Data Governance and Information Quality Workshop

29 31 January 2013, Kenzi Farah Hotel, Marrakech, Morocco

A properly implemented data governance programme has an immediate impact across all business operations. It brings tangible benefits to the effectiveness of your operation, including increased productivity, savings, clarity and control. It will improve quality, consistency, auditability and change control of your data.


E&P information and data forms the very lifeblood of today's oil and gas companies, with streams of data relating to all aspects of global exploration, drilling, and production projects flowing constantly through every artery in the corporate network. Data and information are critical assets of any organisation, and should be considered as valuable a resource as buildings, employees and products. For a company to gain a significant competitive advantage, it must focus on managing and using its data effectively.

Oil and gas companies now have more data than ever before on which to base their decision relating to exploration, drilling and production. For this reason alone an effective and productive data governance programme is crucial for the whole organisation.

Data governance is an emerging, cross-functional management programme that treats data as an enterprise asset. It includes the collection of policies, procedures, roles, responsibilities, standards, processes, people, and technology essential to managing critical data to a set of goals. Data governance also includes the oversight necessary to ensure compliance and to manage risk. It can drive significant benefit to the organisation: decreased costs, decreased time and effort, decreased risk of compliance failures, increased trust in corporate data, improved decision support capabilities, and better organisational collaboration.

This workshop provides participants with practical, in-depth understanding of how to implement a successful enterprise wide data governance and stewardship programme. Through a series of case studies from leading oil and gas companies, presentations and discussions and technology updates it provides an overview of the disciplines of governing data, covers the essential components of an enterprise-wide programme, and outlines a roadmap to execute a successful data governance programme.


Gain first-hand knowledge from key data and information management specialists sharing their views on new strategies, emerging technologies, challenges and opportunities for implementing a robust data governance programme from:

  • Total
  • Shell
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations
  • Statoil
  • Al Hosn Gas
  • BP
  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
  • Qatar Petroleum
  • IPL
  • KIK Consulting
  • DAMA United Kingdom

Attend this technical workshop for the petroleum industry of 2013 that brings together technical experts from oil and gas companies, industry associations, and technology providers from across the globe for three days of learning, best practice benchmarking, networking, partnership-building and the best and latest thinking in E&P data and information management


  • Jean-Michel Amouroux

    Jean-Michel Amouroux

    Geographical Data Management – Team Leader Geo Information – Study and Corporate Data, Total

  • Chris Bradley

    Chris Bradley

    Chief Development Officer,
    IPL and Education & Training Officer, DAMA United Kingdom

  • Omar Akbar

    Omar Akbar

    Group Leader – ECC Data Service Governance, Saudi Aramco and Technical Committee Chairman, DMG’s E&P Data Governance and Information Quality Workshop

  • Martha Dember

    Martha Dember

    Former Consulting Manager Data Governance, EMC and Director of Business Intelligence, Fedilis

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